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Did You Read The Title?

Okay, Great !!

This Has Different Meanings/Definitions In Different Contexts, All Acceptable!

Here, I Want My Readers To Not Just Read But Understand How Is The ‘INSTABILITY’ Presented With Differences. This Piece Is Not Just A Musing !!

The Literal Meaning Is Simple. Lack Of Stability Is Called Instability. Whenever And Wherever There Is Instability, A Lot Of Other Probs Come Clinged On. Nothing New. The Rudiment Nature Of A Thing While Facing Instability Is Complex In Itself. The English Definition Is Thus, Creating Room For Flexible And More Definitions Here.

We Now Go-To ‘PSYCHOLOGY’ Which Defines It As ‘The Tendency To Unpredictable Behaviour Or Erratic Changes Of Mood’. Infamously Called Psychopathy! An Unstable Mind Is Both, A Devil Seeking Reparation And An Innocent Seeking Love And Care. Also, This Is Gradual. Hence, Taking Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing To Maintain Stability Is As Desirable As Removing Make-Up Before Going To Bed.

How Does Biology See It Like? It Could Be Relatable With Ecology And Adaptation As Well. The Biological Definition We Have Is ‘Inability Of An Organism To Apply Self-regulating Mechanism’. (Read More At ) The Biological Systems However Are Blessed With Certain Regulatory Traits That Help Them Adjust During The Time Of Distress. A Few Examples Maybe Of Hibernation (Winter Sleep), Aestivation(Summer Sleep), Homeostasis(Maintaining Constant Body Temperature), Osmoregulation(Maintaining Constant Salinity), etc.

Hope You All Had A Good Walk (Mental Walk)Through Old Science Text Books!

A Little More Mental Exercise For You, We Are Peeping Into Chemistry Now! Chemical Instability Is The Highly Reactive Part In A Chemical Reaction. Often Seen As A Reaction Intermediate, It Is Highly Unstable And The Final Product In The Derivative Of This Important Entity.

Physics Is Straight Forward. An Object Is Said To Be In Equilibrium If All The Physical Component Of Forces Acting On It Are Balanced And A Disturbance In It Causes Instability. I Called It Straight Forward Cause This Is Where We Can Measure ‘Instability’ With Pencil, Paper And Few Formulae !!

A Wholesome Idea Of ‘Instability’ Was Different Until I Learnt Geography Of Rain Formation. Complicated Much? SORRY.

Let’s Start Again. Geography Of Atmosphere Has Got Its Own Meaning For INSTABILITY. It Says Any Atmospheric Instability Causes Rains. The Evaporated Air Continues To Expands And Humidifies. The Humid Formation Is Actually A Result Of Low-Pressure Condition In The Atmosphere Due To Convection. Now, Low Pressure Created Instability In The Atmosphere Raising Humidity That Leads To Absorption Of Moisture, Called Condensation. The Air Cools Down And Causes Rainfall. Rainfall Is Considered As A Boon To The Farmers And We Hail This Kind Of Instability.

Instability Has Got Its ‘Positive’ Side Also And It Is Evident In A Rain Dance Or A Green And Growing Farm.

Things Change When You Learn, They Change When You Grow And That’s How You Know. 🙂

Originally published at on April 4, 2020.




Tales Of A Late Blooming Flower.

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Nasreen Khan

Nasreen Khan

Tales Of A Late Blooming Flower.

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