Remembering Kayla Mueller

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Kayla Mueller Was A Human Rights Activist. She Was Deployed In Syria To Serve The Refugees. Now, Her Fate Was So Painful To Be Put Forward On A Discussion. But, I’ve Been Waiting To Write This Since Almost A Year, Since The Operation That Killed ISIS Leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi On 26th And 27th 2019, Named After The Brave Girl Kayla Mueller.

What Happened Last Year?

Operation Kayla Mueller, Also Known As Barisha Raid, Was Carried Out By US Army. According To The Officials, Baghdadi Killed Himself After Trying To Evacuate Through A Tunnel By Detonating A Suicide Belt. Read More Here. Call It Justice To Her And Many Others Like Her Or Call It Just A Homage.

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

Kayla Mueller, American Human Rights Activist, Deployed In Syria For Humanitarian Assistance And All Was Passionate About Her Work And So Was Delivering Kindness For About Few Years With Her Partner Before All This Happened. And By Saying “All This”, I Am Not Deviating The Topic, Just Want To Begin From The Beginning.

Kayla Was Born After A Long Time Of Marriage To Her Parents. Her Father Was An Auto Shop Worker And Mother Was A Nurse. She Was Always A Happy-Go-Lucky Girl. A Good Heart. Warm Smile. Courageous. I Don’t Know What Motivated Her To Fly Off To Such A Long Distance, Must Not Only Be A Good Heart, Maybe More Than That.

I Can’t Say It Was All Well Before She Got Kidnapped. As An Activist, That Too In Syria, Life Must Not Be Easy. But, She Was Living And Helping Others Live. That’s What Humans (Are Supposed To)Do. Raise Each Other.

She Was Kidnapped While Serving In A Hospital Without Borders By ISIS. She Was Sex-slaved, By Baghdadi And Her Men. Tortured, Beaten Up And Brutally Harassed For About 500 Days, Before Declared Dead On 6th Of Feb, 2015. Meanwhile, The ISIS Also Released Her “Proof Of Life” Video, Where She Looked Pale, Appealing Freedom And Life. Well, Those Were Her Words. No One Knows What She Actually Wanted To Say. Her Story Was Emotionally Breaking And Assaulting One’s Courage To Put Themselves Again In Such Job. Especially For A Women.

However, None Could Be Felt By Any Other Than Her Family, Friends, Colleagues. What Happened To Her, Has Put Lots Of Questions On Humanity, On Kindness, And Rest Of The Good Things. Like, Why Do Humans Do This To Each Other? We Don’t Have An Answer Yet. Period.

Also, Watch This:

……………….May Her Soul Rests In Peace. ❤




Tales Of A Late Blooming Flower.

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Nasreen Khan

Nasreen Khan

Tales Of A Late Blooming Flower.

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