Unlearn And Relearn

Talk About Tokens Of Love And Adopting A Pet Always Has Had Its Place In The List.

Adopting A Pet, To Give The Animal A Life, Also, To Get One For Thyselves? Yes, Undoubtedly.

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Pets Have A Special Place In Human Life. They Not Only Are Important For A Healthy Mind But Also, Remind Us Of Unconditional Love. They Affect A Man’s Individual Cum Societal Life.

Coming To The Choices Of Pets And Breeds, This Has Created A Categorisation In The Society. The Choices Started Affecting Status And All Those Ill Social Norms, And It Has Been Happening All In A Nook Of Our Social Stratification, Mostly Without Their Consent.

In India, Where The Choice Of Beverages Or Music Or Places To Hang Out Could Make People Judge, Of Those Status Related Things, The Choice Of Dog Breeds Make A Great Deal. And There’s How All These Misconceptions Arouse Of The Breeds And Stuff.

Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash

However, I Very Well Sense My Words Not Making A Clarity 😾 ….So, Let’s Get It From The Beginning:

As We, All Know That We Have One World And All Of Us Are Meant To Co-exist, The Fact Of A Better Life For The Animals On Adoption Is Disagreeable. They Can Still Thrive Without Us, Also They Do It Gracefully. Us And Them, We Can All Live In Here, Either We Adopt Them Or Not. However, Adoption Can Make This Co-existence Worth And There, We (Humans) Become The Superior Race, Or At Least Can Be Called So.

Numero Unos In The Realm Of Unconditional Love. ❤

As A Human, We All Have Choices And We Are Free To Have, Even The Constitution Says That. Choice Of Pets Is Well Absorbed In It, By All Means. While Mostly People Choose Breeds Of Superior Traits, There Are Some To Whom, Breeds, And Strays. And, The Society As A Whole Needs To Lean Like That. The Finest People In The Business Are The Little Paws Who Work Towards A Better Human-Animal Social Health.

Adoption Is Beautiful. Things Start To Jiggle When A Rigid Statement Like Adopting Breeds Of Certain Region Or Own Region Flashes Off. This Concept, I Think Is Unwelcoming. Of Course, People Should Be Aware Of Their Indigenous Breeds And Should Be Proud Of What They Have. But, A Mere Declaration Of Regionalism In This Sphere Is Inhospitable. Let The Love Be Pure, Irrespective Of Breeds And Regions. Let Us Also Allow Ourselves To Love Them, The Way They Tend To Love Us. That Is, Unconditional And Pure.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Take Away:

Un-Learn: Discrimination Among The Breeds. Avoid Categorising.

Re-Learn: Anything Or Anyone As They Are.




Tales Of A Late Blooming Flower.

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Nasreen Khan

Nasreen Khan

Tales Of A Late Blooming Flower.

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